A year of writing club

2022-12-21 19:35:29 +0100 +0100

The current configuration of my writing club at work has lasted for more than a year. We tried to find a time to meet for reflection and celebration, but it is tricky to find a convenient time for Colorado and Croatia / Germany. So Tyler proposed…

Maybe we could all blog about it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

…and here I am, doing just that!

What is it?

The writing club is small (three members, though we welcome more!). While there are four rules, there’s really only one important one: publish one blog post per month. Željko usually sends us (well, for me, mostly) helpful reminders:

Slack screenshot showing a reminder from Željko to write my post by the end of the month

Then I usually kick into gear and write a post.

How’s it working out

Posts by year:

So, it’s working: I’m writing more.

Is my writing improving? Not yet, but I could see how I would get there. (I think I also need to find a reading club.)

What I’ve learned

I’m a sucker for peer pressure, it seems. I don’t think having my own deadline would be as effective, but knowing there’s a group, however low stakes, motivates me to carve out the time and write. (Also somehow I’ve lost the urge to constantly redesign / rebuild my blog; I think that also has to do with the deadline for writing.)

Thanks for reading this far. And hope to be writing for you more in the next year.