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2024-04-30 19:32:46 +0200 +0200

It's been a strange month. There were several deaths in and around my field of view, each one sudden and unexpected. In the midst of that, my son was hit by a car while chasing a ball into the street outside our house. Cuts and scrapes aside, he is fine, thankfully. Since then, I've been thinking a lot about randomness, and all the things that had to happen for my kid to arrive in the street at that exact moment, and then all the things that didn't happen in order for that situation to be far worse than it was. Then, after that I was thinking about choices we make and how it affects our risk, or the choices that groups make about how to exist in an urban space and how we design our streets (my town is exploring the superblocks concept).


But mostly, these thoughts turn nowhere, and I come back to randomness, and being grateful that for this particular turn of the seasons, where my older child is now a decade old, that we're here, intact, alive & in the world.