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2024-03-11 11:17:28 +0100 +0100



I'm testing some adjustments to my organizational system:

  • Keeping all 1:1 notes in a single file per person / recurring meetings in a single file per meeting, rather than one note per meeting. This has a lot less overhead and lets me easily search across all past meetings for mentions of a topic.
  • Using kidd/org-gcal.el to sync my calendar entries to org mode, so that they show up in org agenda, and I can clock into them. (Manually creating MEETING events in org mode was a real chore and a waste of time.)
  • Reworking my weekly review to take less time and focus on higher impact things earlier (e.g. visit the overdue events before looking at the big picture of all projects)


I started re-reading Will Larson's Staff engineer, Leadership beyond the management track. I first read it in 2021, shortly after I received a promotion to staff level.

Three years on, the book makes a lot more sense, and the stories collected in the second half are much more relevant. If you're trying to reach staff-plus level, or you're already there, I can recommend Will's book, as well as Tanya Reilly's The Staff Engineer's Path.


Studying the Hizackar Pesrev and Semai from Tanburi Cemil Bey.