Recent changes

2023-12-18 12:29:59 +0100 +0100


This is going to be a short one, because while it's not the last week of the year, it's the last one where I plan to be at a computer and thus time is short.

It's been an interesting year. Probably the biggest thing for work is that I changed focus from new editors and editor retention to trust and safety.

That change prompted me to re-evaluate how I manage my work and knowledge, and I've been trying to be more organized in my time, and better about writing things down in a way that I can access them later. That in turn also has me thinking more about my personal life and what's important to me. (Yes I guess it is typical mid-life reflection time!)

Thinking about Deep Work some more, one thing I want to change next year is having at least two sequential days without meetings. I have a lot of 1:1s and misc meetings, so I either need to push these all to one or two days or change them to be every other week. And I hope to keep up my writing habits. And to produce meaningful code contributions. And to grow as a parent, and a partner. And even as a musician! And hopefully as a person offering some kindness in an increasingly bleak landscape.

Wishing everyone a year with peace, understanding, and appreciation for one another. See you in 2024.