Recent changes

2023-12-11 11:42:32 +0100 +0100

/berlin.jpeg My wrist is better, though still hurting, and I'm back typing away on the Model 100 which is a superior experience to the Atreus in nearly every way. (I like the feel and sound of the keys I got on the Atreus better.) Trying to program with one hand is really uncomfortable. I'm glad to have the use of both hands back.

While going about my daily life with the inconvenience of temporarily loss of the use of my left hand, I couldn't help but think about all of the children and adults in Gaza who had their limbs amputated (over 1,000 children, according to this surgeon).

And I was deeply saddened to learn of the targeted killing of Palestinian poet Refaat Alareer by an Israeli air strike. I recommend reading his poem, If I must die.

I echo the call of millions across the world who demand a ceasefire now.


I spent some time analyzing how IP blocks are impacting metrics around new editors and account creations. I am making some follow-up tasks to make this easier to track in the future. One area I think we could improve on in MediaWiki is the ability to more easily connect the lead/lag metrics (borrowing from the 4DX framework), so that well before we arrive at a lag metric (drop in editors) we're able to see from the lead metrics what is contributing to the end result.

I also helped move forward an exciting patch to integration the revert risk model in Special:RecentChanges, which also means that those scores will be available to other anti-abuse tooling.


Banishing the phone from my bedroom, and more generally moving the phone to hard-to-reach locations, is continuing to work out nicely for me. I recommend!

I've been working through Ross Greene's Raising Human Beings. One key idea is solving problems collaboratively with your kids instead of telling them what to do. Greene makes the point that we often don't really listen to one another, instead we are just waiting for the other person to finish so we can make our predetermined point of view known. The commentary on active listening, listening with empathy, and only then bringing our concerns to the table and inviting the collaborator to problem solve, seems like a useful model to keep for interactions with anyone, not just with kids.


Finally made it to Wen Chang noodles, and while I think I might want two 🌶️🌶️ next time, it was excellent. On the way back, we happened upon the model train exhibition at the Leipzig Hbf. Recommended 🚂 /trains.jpeg