Recent changes

2023-11-27 10:55:37 +0100 +0100


Winter's here. First snow (0.01 cm or so!) during A's football match on Saturday. This time of year is hard; the sun sets by 4pm, the forest becomes muddy and leafless. And my computer stays in permanent dark mode, which is not something I normally like to do. On the plus side, I've found some nice dark themes in ef-themes.


I'm working on a composition in the Hisar makam, Câm lâ'lindir senin âyine rûy-i enverin, on the ney. A friend of mine first played this for me on the kanun. It's a special piece on the ney but I miss hearing the kanun with it.


Spent some time investigating a spike in block notices. MediaWiki emits these events when a user sees a notice showing that they're blocked from editing. We have a secondary event, that shows when a user interacts with the call-to-action UI when a user sees the block notice. These stayed stable, which indicates a spike in bot (malicious or perhaps crawler) traffic.

Reading, listening

I started on the Parallelwelt Palästina podcast. I've made it through the intro, and with my level of German, I'm not understanding exactly everything. Let's see how it goes. Also for German, I'm halfway through reading my first book in Deutsch, Ibrahimovic's Adrenaline autobiography. (Yes I am a sucker for football biographies. Also, they are pretty to get into because the vocabulary doesn't vary too much and I already know something of the events that the book describes.)

I finished Siblings without rivalry and Building a second brain. The latter inspired me to restructure my notes that I'm capturing with denote.el, let's see how well that works out over the next weeks.